An Explanation

As a full-stack developer, I deal with all kinds of headaches making things work just right. Banging my head against the wall trying to fit all of the pieces together gets old. I don't have much time for blogging, so when I do, I don't want it to be a hassle.

I have tried Github pages with jekyll. I have tried Wordpress. I never keep up with them. I don't use markdown, jekyll, or wordpress in any of my day to day activities, so when I sit down to write a post, I have to fight the technology. I use HTML all the time. I know HTML. HTML is easy. Writing in HTML is easy.

Another factor is that design decisions are stressful. With so many options out there, it gets overwhelming trying to decide the 'best' technology to use. I occasionally need to step back and cleanse the palette. Motherfucking Website is good for this. (Yes, I am aware of Better Motherfucking Website, but css is like a drug, once you start, it is hard to stop.) So I decided to do this. No fanciness or easy helpers. Would I recommend making a site like this for any commercial purposes? No. But for my personal use, it seems perfect. And Neocities is the perfect place to host it. Simple and easy.

Are there any drawbacks? Yeah. The main one is a lack of a spell checker. I am generally not a good speller, so there will most likely be errors. Deal with it.

Why Stumptown?

I live in Portland, but I don't think that I am a 'typical' Portlander.

Why Broadsides?

Broadsides are basically text posters used for announcements, proclamations, or advertising. In the past, they were a very common form of putting a message out there for the public. These are my broadsides. My poster of text put out there for the public. I don't track who reads them and they may not have anything to do with each other.